Movie Review – The Twilight Sage: Eclipse

Eclipse posterThey just keep getting better and better! I thought Eclipse was the best Twilight Saga movie yet. I think both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson must have taken acting lessons since New Moon. Kristen Stewart's performance especially was markedly improved. I didn't find her annoying at all which I didn't think would ever be possible after how annoying she was in Twilight.

This movie finally lets Edward have the sense of humor that he has in all the books. Robert Pattinson is even hotter when he's allowed to lighten up and smile a bit instead of being so gloomy all the time.

I thought Melissa Rosenberg did a great job of leaving out and condensing a lot of the controlling behavior in the first part of the book that makes Edward look like an ass and a lot of other parts that were repetitive in the book. I think the movie was more focused and faster-paced (in a good way) than the book. Now I'm really looking forward to seeing how the Breaking Dawn movie (or movies) turns out!