I’m Back!

I’m back from my “vacation” to the Mayo Clinic. I drove up last Sunday night and stayed in Rochester all last week having tons of tests. The plan was to have my final consultation with the Mayo GI doctor on Friday afternoon and then drive to Des Moines Friday night and the rest of the way to Kansas City on Saturday morning. Well, at my appointment on Friday, the GI doctor said that the MRI showed an abscess in my colon and he really wanted me to have surgery at Mayo as soon as possible. He said that if I could do it on Monday, then the chief of colo-rectal surgery would be the one performing it. That was an offer too good to pass up – a chief surgeon at Mayo is practically a celebrity in the medical world. BUT I missed my boys terribly so I still drove back this past weekend, saw them for a bit and then my husband drove back up to Rochester with me Sunday afternoon.

Our arrival time for surgery Monday morning was 5:45am. That is just rude! Luckily our hotel was right across the street so our commute time was minimal. To make a long story short – the surgeon looked and looked all over my gut and found nothing. No abscess. That’s good in that I didn’t have to have a drain put in but that means we still aren’t any closer to figuring out what is causing the fever that I’ve had since July. The GI did start me on a couple of new medications for my Crohn’s disease. If the inflammation from the Crohn’s is causing the fever, then hopefully these new meds will do the trick.

Enough about me – back to bookish things tomorrow!

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    Great news about the lack of abscess. Hope they find some answers for you soon!