Second Placement

We received a foster placement on Wednesday – a sweet, three month old baby boy who I will call Bullfrog (just on this blog; not in real life). He is what is called a "medically complex" or "medically fragile" child. He has some problems due to suffering cardiopulmonary arrest. I spent Wednesday and Thursday at the hospital with him learning how to give him feedings through a g-tube. He was discharged and I took him home Thursday afternoon. A home health nurse visited us this afternoon to check on him and see how he's doing. She'll be visiting twice a week. Then his social worker visited us; she'll be visiting once a week. We will also have an occupational therapist for him and some kind of visual therapy for him as he is almost completely blind. Then of course we also have court dates, doctors' appointments and visits with his mom. He has a very full calendar for such a little guy!

  • Cop’s Wife

    Was he born medically complex? I’m sending all kinds of good thoughts your way.

  • William Raney

    I thought I should send good thoughts your way, but I thought twice and realized you will have all the good karma you’ll ever need. Just kidding- best wishes, Your family is my hero.