Sunday Salon: February 14-20

Sunday Salon

My poor blog has been so neglected this week – it was a crazy one! I worked three mornings at KU Med as a Standardized Patient (fake patient for student nurse and doctor exams), made birthday treats for Cash's half-birthday celebration at school (he has a summer birthday), had a church board meeting (three hours long as usual), went to see Grey Gardens – The Musical at the Unicorn (fantastic!) with my mom and brother and went to see Disney Live with Travis and the boys.

Even with all that, I managed to get all three of my short runs in. I'm planning on doing my long run this afternoon after the THREE kids we are doing respite care for this weekend go home. They are five (boy), four (girl) and 23 months (girl). The four and five year old have fit right in with my boys – they have been having quite a time playing this weekend. The 23-month old is so sweet and so smart. She repeats everything I say like a little parrot. She even said, "zzzziiiiipppp" after I zipped up her pjs.

Here are the cupcakes I made for Cash's half-birthday at school. He was very specific about how he wanted them decorated: