Kids Say (And Do) The Darndest Things

I've decided to do a weekly wrap-up every Monday of all my kid related Facebook posts since some of the grandparents don't have Facebook. I don't want them to miss out on any of the cuteness (or strangeness)! These are from the last couple of weeks:

West at dinner "Mommy, how do dead guys go potty?"

West is excited about what he calls "Martin Lizard King Day".

Cash told me, "It's so hot today; it feels like summer!" It's 30 degrees.

Cash just called Travis "bro".

boys watched Finding Nemo for the first time this afternoon and it was
too scary for West, my selectively sensitive boy. He cried from the
denitist office scene til the end. Then said he wanted to watch the
movie again.

Cash: I wish you weren't married anymore! Me: You do? Cash: Yeah, so then Daddy would take West to live in a different house!