Sunday Salon: December 6-12

Sunday Salon

This was another whirlwind week – the first full week that Tiny was with us. I didn't finish reading any books but I did take the family in for our Christmas photos, order the Christmas cards, make the Year In Review Shutterfly books for the grandparents' Christmas presents and take Tiny to his first court date. I did NOT get the ever growing mountain of laundry folded. The other day Cash sighed and exclaimed, "Babies are a lot of work Mommy!" They are but they're worth it. We'll get back into our groove soon enough.

  • Frances

    Hang in there! It sounds like you did get a tremendous amount of stuff done even if you missed out on reading time. And as for that mounting laundry problem… I keep telling myself that if I could just learn to fold faster, I would have more time to read. :) Happy reading!