Movie Review: The Twilight Saga – New Moon

New-moon-poster2-692x1024New Moon was so much better than the first Twilight movie. Kristen Stewart was still the most annoying part of the move but she was considerably less so than in Twilight. There was almost no stuttering awkwardness. She was still kind of stilted though. Robert Pattinson was hot as usual and I thought his acting was a lot better in this movie.

The movie was a lot faster paced than the book and I think the movie is better. (The book was my least favorite of the series.) There a chemistry between Bella and Jake in the movie that never came across in the book. I found Jake annoying and immature in the book but I really liked Taylor Lautner's interpretation of Jake and actually found myself rooting for him a little. I'm still firmly on Team Edward though!

The movie was true to the book but still managed to throw in a few surprises. The special effects were great and had me on the edge of my seat a few times. I highly recommend New Moon for fans of the Twilight book series. I can't wait to see it again!

  • Dean Sanderson

    Kristen Stewart is the perfect “Bella” .. All around the casting was perfect, everyone had so much so much angst that they fit the story perfectly