Sunday Salon: The Pneumonia Edition

Remember how just a couple of weeks ago, I posted Sunday Salon: The Flu Edition? Now, it’s time for the Pneumonia Edition! Just a couple of days after my flu got better, I came down with a high fever, shortness of breath and a cough. I went to the ER, got a chest x-ray and was diagonosed with pneumonia. That was almost two weeks ago. I’ve been to the ER twice more and went the doctor yesterday morning. She gave me a new antibiotic and prednisone (a necessary evil) so hopefully I will get better soon.

The first week, I was on some strong meds that bascially knocked me out I and couldn’t have read even if I wanted to. Now I’m at least feeling like reading. Friday, I spent the day reading Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects. I was reminded that a friend had loaned it to me and I needed to read it after reading Literate Housewife’s awesome review of it. It was fantastic – I should have my review up later this week.

I plan to spend today reading and resting. Hopefully, next Sunday I will bring you Sunday Salon: The Healthy Edition!

  • rhapsodyinbooks

    Wow, you have really gotten hit this year! Hope you get rid of all this stuff soon! And I’m glad you feel like reading – it’s awful when you feel so bad you can’t even read!