Sunday Salon: Top O’ the Morning Edition

Another lazy weekend. I went to the doctor yesterday because I still have a low-grade fever and cough. This pneumonia will not let me go. The doctor gave me a prescription for what will be my THIRD round of antibiotics. I really hope they do the trick!

Cash and West set a trap for a leprechaun last night. Unfortunately, that sneaky leprechaun escaped so we won’t be getting rich off his pot of gold. He did leave us some gold chocolate coins though.

You may have noticed a new affiliate link at the end of my posts. I’m very excited to announce that I’m an affiliate for my local independent book store, Rainy Day Books. They are an awesome book store that brings in tons of great authors for speaking events every year. Chances are if I go to an author event in Kansas City, it’s sponsored by them. I’m glad to be able to support them in this small way.

  • rhapsodyinbooks

    How cute about the leprechaun trap! And sorry your pn. hangs on. I have a bad cold now too (undoubtedly caught from reading your blog – ha ha) and it’s no fun!