Weekend Ramblings: Happy Birthday Cash!

I realized that while West got his own birthday post, I neglected to write posts for Cash and Neve’s birthdays. It’s so hectic with all three kids having birthdays within a month of each other. I’m going to post Cash’s birthday post today and Neve’s tomorrow.

My sweet first-born Cash turned nine in July. He’s so tall – he comes up to my chin now! He’s still super skinny at about 55 pounds.

His latest obsession is Minecraft so he had a Minecraft themed birthday party. Before the party, he opened his presents from Travis and I. He’d been asking for a keytar for months and he finally got one!

Since the Minecraft craze is relatively new, there aren’t many Minecraft birthday supplies on the market yet and I was forced to get creative. Travis, Granddad and the boys painted several cardboard boxes to look like Minecraft world items. The plan was that the kids would build things with them, but intstead they just destroyed them.

We also played Pin the Tail on the Ender Dragon. We found Ender Dragon images online and printed them out to make the game.

For the food I just made as much as I could square since everything is square in the Minecraft world. We had square cheeseburger sliders and square blue Knox blox to look like Minecraft water. I made a Creeper cake that is a composite of ideas I found on Pinterest.

For goodie bags I ordered some boxes that look like gold bars (there is gold in Minecraft) and put in a Dum-Dum sucker (the stick had to be cut down a little to make it fit) and some fake diamonds that are meant to be used as table decorations for weddings. There are diamonds in Minecraft so they fit the theme. Then I pinned a Minecraft pin on the outside of the box since it wouldn’t fit inside of it. I used the extra diamonds as table decorations. For the table cloths, I used plastic table cloths that look like grass. I ordered everything except the suckers off Amazon.

If you are more crafty and motivated than I am, you can find tons of elaborate Minecraft party ideas on Pinterest. Luckily, Cash was thrilled was his mid-range Minecraft party. A good time was had by all!

  • http://rhapsodyinbooks.wordpress.com rhapsodyinbooks

    The cake is amazing! Happy Birthday celebration! :–)

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  • Ana

    Where did you get the “Pin the Tail on the Enderdragon” game? Thanks!

    • http://www.chaosisafriendofmine.com/ ChaosIsAFriend

      I made it myself. I printed out the Ender dragon and tails from images I found online.