Weekend Ramblings: Pumpkin Patch Edition

We went to our favorite pumpkin patch yesterday and had a blast. (I’m starting an informal campaign to get them to replace their disgusting port-a-potties with real bathrooms. I think they can afford it, they serve about 1000 people a day and it’s not a cheap experience. I left them a comment on their Facebook page and you can too if you want.)

We rode the train, watched the pig races – West was picked to be one of the noise makers that encourage the pigs to run – , fed the goats, rode the tricycles around the track, played on the playground equipment, practiced steer roping, and of course took a wagon ride out to the actual patch to pick our pumpkins. Neve picked the smallest pumpkin she could find. We made sure to buy a dozen of their delicious pumpkin doughnuts before we left.