It’s A Sabotage

West goes to bed at 8pm. Tonight at 10pm, while I was watching TV I hear a little voice from the stairs say, "I'm done sleeping Mommy." I look up the stairs and West is standing there, wearing different pants from the ones he went to bed in. I start up the stairs and tell him that it isn't time to get up. He asks me, "Are the white scissors in my room for grown-ups?" The scissors he's referring to are kept in his changing table in the top drawer that has a magnetic baby lock on it. The key for the baby lock is kept on a nail on the wall about three feet above the changing table. This makes me very nervous about what I'm going to find when we get up to his room.

When we get to his room, I'm hit by the overwhelming scent of various baby creams and eczema medicine in the air. The top drawer to his changing table is indeed open and the aforementioned baby cream and eczema medicine is smeared all over the changing pad. The other drawers of the changing table are open – his ladder for climbing to the top of the changing table so he can stand on it and reach the key.

I quickly clean up the lotion and get him back in bed. Then luckily I remember that he changed his pants. I check under the pants and sure enough he's taken his diaper off and has underpants on. I get him back out of bed and put his diaper back on, thankful that I won't have to change wet sheets in the morning.

Crisis averted – for now anyway.