Li’l Critic

While waiting for a table at Smokehouse BBQ tonight, Cash noticed an oil painting of some pigs on a farm hanging on the wall. "Why is that painting like that?" he asked Travis. "Like what?" Travis replied. "Like that," Cash answered.
"Like what Cash?" Travis asked, confused about what Cash meant.
"Why is it like that?"
"You mean why is it a painting?"
"No, why is it like THAT?" Cash said, getting frustrated that he wasn't being understood.
"Do you mean why is it fuzzy?" I asked, thinking he was confused by the texture of the oil paint.
"No, why is it like THAT?"
"Do you mean why is it hanging on the wall?"
"No, why is it like THAT?"
"I'm sorry Cash, we don't know what you mean."
"I mean WHY.IS.IT.UGLY?"
Travis was so proud – it WAS an ugly painting.