42 Days and Counting

Cash told me that he was going to get me some beer for Christmas. Then he asked me if I liked to drink beer. I said not really because I don't like the taste. He said he was going to get me some good tasting beer. And an ax to split wood with. Looks like it'll be a lumberjack Christmas for me!

  • http://nerdyapplebottom.blogspot.com/ CW

    Wow, looks like someone needs to start dropping so really obvious hints. That would suck if all you ended up with was some beer and an ax.
    Though the beer part reminds me of Peanut telling her kindergarten teacher that she’d go get me a beer every afternoon the summer I was pregnant with Bubba. It was ROOT beer, thank you very much.

  • Kari

    Has he been watching Lumberjack competitions, or maybe Lumber Jill?

  • Alisa

    Didn’t he want to take an ax to the refrigerator? They are useful items…

  • john

    One of the best parties I went to in college (the first time…or maybe it was the second?
    ) involved beer and an axe. Nothing says Happy New Year like a wood splitting competition at four in the morning in North Lawrence when everyone is comfortably numb. Thanks for the trip down memory ave.

  • http://www.simplyme.typepad.com Joy

    Have you figured out what on earth brought out this line of gift ideas? LOL!

  • http://chaosisafriendofmine.typepad.com/ Rachel

    He’s obsessed with fireman’s axes right now but I have no idea where he got the beer idea!