Planner Review: Weird But True Daily Planner: 365 Days to Fill with School, Sports, Friends and Fun! by National Geographic

WBT Planner Spreads_Page_1

It’s back-to-school time! I don’t know about you, but the beginning of the school year is much like the start of the New Year, in that I start the school year with back-to-school resolutions. For example, I resolve to lay my daughter’s clothes night before every school day to prevent arguments over what matches with what in the morning. One of the biggest resolutions my kids and I always have is to be MORE ORGANIZED. To remember homework assignments and after school activities and permission slips. My oldest son in particular could use all the help he can get.

The Weird but True Daily Planner from National Geographic will help my son stay organized and have fun at the same time. A regular, boring planner might get lost in the bottom of his backpack after just a few days. This planner has bright, colorful eye catching graphics. Between that and all the fun stuff packed inside, this planner is one that he won’t forget about and will use daily.

WBT Planner Spreads_Page_3The planner goes all the way through to the end of June. At the start of each month, there is a spot to write monthly goals. Each two-page spread has four days and one weird but true fact on it. Some of the pages also have suggestions for fun activities or writing prompts. The front of the planner has a spot for your child’s daily schedule and the back pages are homework help pages with things like how to write a report or the multiplication tables.WBT Planner Spreads_Page_4

My son and I are both excited about him using this planner to help him to stay more organized throughout the school year. Happy Back-To-School!




(I received a complimentary copy of this planner for review.)