4 Year Old Ass Man

The boys and I were reading an Avengers comic book last night. (Side note: I cannot wait 'til Cash can read comic books on his own and read them to West. I can't understand a single thing going on in them – they make me feel very dumb and extremely bored at the same time.)

Anyway, we come to a picture of Spider-Woman that looks similar to this:

86191-197144-spider-woman_super West (my innocent four-year old babe) says, "Do you know what my favorite part of her is Mommy?" And then points here:

"Um, why is that your favorite part of her?" I inquired, scared of what the answer might be. "Because I like the bumps," West says, actually looking a little sheepish. Then Cash wanted to know why her bottom had bumps and we had a very awkward discussion about muscular butts and how to get them.

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    hahaha this cracks me up. I love the innocents of children.