Surgery Day

I’ve been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease since 1998 and I’ve been lucky enough up to this point to not have to have any surgeries related to it. Today my luck runs out. I go in this morning for what should be a fairly routine outpatient surgery to correct an abscess in my GI tract. Even though I’m not happy about it, it could be much much worse. I could be having a resection or my colon removed or something equally horrible like a lot of people with Crohn’s disease have to have done. I’m a little nervous but I have a great colorectal surgeon and my rational mind knows it will be fine. Luckily I have plenty of Xanax my non-rational mind.

I’ve scheduled a few posts to come out over the next couple of weeks because I’m not sure if I’ll be too drugged up during my recovery to read and write clearly. If I do put up a weird blog post, you’ll know why! I hope that my pain isn’t too bad and I can use my convalescence to do some guilt free reading and blogging without a foggy hydrocodone brain.

Prayers and positive vibes are always appreciated. Thanks!

  • rhapsodyinbooks

    Definitely sending prayers and positive vibes! You sound very brave and I hope everything comes out great!