Surgery Follow-Up

I just wanted to send out a quick update to let you all know that my surgery went great. I’m not in nearly as much pain as a thought I would be (knock on wood) and Travis is being great about making sure I get my pain meds every four hours on the dot.

Here’s  funny story that ties into reading: When we got home from the hospital, I took a nap for a couple of hours. Then I woke up and went downstairs to talk to the boys. After a few minutes, I went back upstairs to rest. I plumped up my pillows so I could sit and read but then I fell asleep before I could even grab my book! Travis said he came up a while later and asked me if I’d rather lay down and I mumbled no. I have no memory of him coming into the room and slept sitting up for a couple of hours!

Thanks for all the kind thoughts everyone – they’re working!

  • rhapsodyinbooks

    Great to hear about your surgery outcome. Isn’t it amazing that you can have something like that done and then right away you’re home and functioning again! (maybe not reading yet, but soon!)

    • Rachel

      Thanks – it is pretty amazing what they can do these days!

  • kcyogachick

    So glad to hear it went well! Hope to see you soon~