Book Review: Deadline

Deadline (Newsflesh Trilogy, #2)Deadline by Mira Grant

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Deadline is the second book in Mira Grant’s Newsflesh trilogy. This review assumes you have read the first book Feed and will spoil it for you if you haven’t. Proceed with caution!

It’s been one year since Georgia Mason’s death and her brother Shaun is still struggling. Chasing zombies isn’t fun for him anymore. Now his focus is on finding out who is responsible for Georgia’s death and exacting his revenge.

This book focuses less on the actual zombies than Feed did and more on investigating deeper into the conspiracy uncovered in Feed. I’ll admit that some of the more scientific aspects discovered about the Kellis-Amberlee virus that were explained in this book were hard for me to follow. I’m not sure if that’s my fault or the author’s. I’m hoping that it will all make perfect sense after I read the final book in the trilogy, Blackout. (It doesn’t come out until June 2012. Boo!)

The one thing that bothered me in this book and that kept it from being a five-star review is some repetitiveness. It seems like we are constantly reminded that Shaun drinks Coke even though he doesn’t really want to and that he is probably crazy. That got a little irritating after a while – we can tell Shaun is crazy because he acts crazy.

Overall though I thought this book was fantastic. It took my breath away at times just like Feed and the ending left my head spinning. I can’t wait to read Blackout.

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  • Bob

    Great review. I love this series.

    Mira Grant recently put out a novella called Countdown, that takes place before the events of Feed, mostly dealing with the formation of Kellis-Amberlee and the first moments of The Rising. I think that it helps with understanding some of the more sciency aspects of the series.

    I rcentlly reviewed the audio version of Countdown and really liked it. Here’s the link to the Orbit site of the novella.

  • Rachel

    Thanks Bob! I will check out Countdown for sure.

  • Eric

    Loved Feed! I’m reading Deadline right now… liking it so far.