Book Review: The Actor and the Housewife

The Actor and the HousewifeThe Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would consider this book to be a modern-day fantasy. It asks the question – what if you met one of your celebrity crushes and became best friends with him? And more than that, is it possible to have a male best friend when you’re a married woman?

Mormon housewife Becky Jack is married and seven months pregnant with her fourth child when she has a chance encounter with British movie star Felix Callahan. This book follows their friendship over several years.

I loved the witty banter between Becky and Felix, although at times it seemed a bit overdone. Felix was a wonderful character – I want him to be my best friend. He was so charming and funny. I was completely immersed in the fantasy (How cool would it be to be best friends with a movie star??) right up almost to the end. I didn’t like the ending – my fantasy would end differently.

This book would make a great movie. Either Hugh Grant or Colin Firth would be perfect to play Felix. I could see Bonnie Hunt or Sandra Bullock as Becky.
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