Leo Davis-McElhany 1998-2009

Leo 1998 001
Leo as a kitten shortly after we brought him home.


Leo was very cuddly as a kitten. Here he is with my friend Sam.

Leo 2001 

He slept cuddled up with Travis almost every night, usually under the covers.


Leo and Murphy never got along very well so it was a big deal that they were this close to each other and not fighting.


I had my sports bra on the floor of my bedroom and Leo some how put it on all by himself!


Leo got grumpier and grumpier as the years went on. Here he is playing his favorite game – rub on a person and entice them to pet you. When they reach down to pet you, grab them with your front paws and bite them.


The last photo taken of Leo (September 12, 2009).