Fancy Nancy

Travis's birthday was Sunday. Cash was insistent that he was going to get Daddy some "fancy clothes" for his birthday. He wanted to get him a fancy shirt, fancy tie and fancy vest (meaning sweater vest) and he could not be talked out of it. You should know that Travis doesn't have to wear a tie to work – ever.

So I took the boys to Dillards, one of the few stores with a Big and Tall
department, and Cash picked out a shirt and tie with just a bit of guidance from Mommy.
Luckily, he forgot about the sweater vest. Travis is a good sport but that would have been pushing it. Travis is SUCH a good sport that he wore the shirt and tie to work the very next day!


The boys also decorated Travis's birthday cake all by themselves. He turned 35 but they found that 30 candle in a drawer and wanted to use it.



Happy Birthday Travis!

  • CW

    Awww, Travis looks so grown up. šŸ˜‰