Sickie Poo

Cash was sick with a little stomach bug today. He seemed fine this morning and cheerfully built this train out of his blocks.

By late afternoon, his energy was waning. He decided that laying on the landing of the staircase was the best place to watch TV and drug a couch pillow and blanket up there. I asked him repeatedly if he wouldn't be more comfortable on the couch. I even offered to carry him down to the couch if he was too tired to make it down the stairs. He opted to remain on the landing. Here's a picture of our living room to give you a feel for where he was relative to the television:

The television is in the armoire on the left. Cash and his blanket are the blue lump in the upper right hand corner. The pathetic close-up:

  • CW

    I think you just found your Christmas card pic.
    Seriously, that is so sad/cute. Is it strange that when the kids are sick, they are also so cute?

  • Ali Gripp

    Poor little turkey!! I wish I had that eyesight though and the ability to be comfortable on the landing..geeez to be a little kiddo again!