My Week In Wardrobe: Get Your Pretty On Style Challenge

For the past twenty-one days I’ve been participating the Get Your Pretty On Spring Style Challenge. Here’s a refresher of how it works: You sign up for the challenge and are sent a shopping list of all the items you will need to style the 21 challenge outfits. This challenge is not about buying an all-new wardrobe. Alison encourages shopping in your own closet for the items first. There were about 20 items on the list and I had around half already. All of the items mix and match – you are building a spring “capsule”. Ten days after the shopping list is released, Alison starts releasing the daily outfits. Then dressing for the day becomes a snap – you have all the items needed for the outfit, just put them together and go! There is room for creativity too – you can use a different color scheme than the sample items on the shopping list or make substitutions. You can find my first six outfits here and my second six here. Below are the final nine:

Go to Get Your Pretty On and you can get even more details and view past challenge materials. It’s not too late to join in the fun!

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