Book Review: The Liberation of Alice Love

The Liberation of Alice LoveThe Liberation of Alice Love by Abby McDonald

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alice Love is a lawyer at a talent agency who keeps her life in perfect order. When she becomes a victim of identity theft, her life is suddenly thrown into chaos. To make matters worse, the perpetrator is someone Alice had thought was a close friend. Feeling betrayed and depressed, Alice is determined to hunt down the identity thief and uncover the reasons behind why she was the thief’s target. She has help from a charming fraud investigator along the way.

I liked this book a lot. It was refreshing to read a British chick-lit book that had an intelligent heroine that I didn’t want to strangle for most of the book (unlike Shopaholic, etc.). As Alice goes further down the path looking for the thief and realizes what a seemingly carefree life the thief lives; Alice goes through a personal journey of self-discovery, reevaluating her life choices. This book is fun but it also raises some interesting moral questions about truth and lies. Is it okay to lie in pursuit of the truth? In some cases, do the ends justify the means?

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(I received this book courtesy of the publisher and the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.)