Book Review: Dingoes at Dinnertime

Magic Tree House #20Magic Tree House #20: Dingoes at Dinnertime

Cash’s review:

What did you think of this book? It was good.

Who was your favorite character and why? Teddy because he did things real dogs can’t do.

What was your favorite part of the book and why? When the kangaroo jumped in speed from the wild dogs because I like speed.

Mommy’s review:

This was our first Magic Tree House book. I chose it because many of Cash’s friends love the Magic Tree House series. Even though we started with a book from the middle of the series, we didn’t have any trouble following the story. There is a short recap of the previous books in the prologue of this book.

In Dingoes at Dinnertime, Annie and Jack head to Australia in search of a gift from a kangaroo.  This book is packed with educational information about Australia and Australian animals. Whenever Jack and Annie encounter something new, Jack looks it up in a book and reads information about whatever it is out loud to Annie. I found this method of incorporating educational facts into the story really dry and boring but my sons (six and four years old) didn’t seem to mind. Because of that, I’ll try and let Cash read the rest of the Magic Tree House books when he can read independently and try to find books for us to read together that we can both enjoy.

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  • Laura Fabiani

    My kids and I have read many of the Magic Tree House Books. I think we are at #30. We love them because as you said they are educational. We now discovered the Canadian Flyer Adventure Books which are similar.

  • Julie P.

    I love Magic Tree House books. Just checked and we have this one!