Book Review: Across Eternity

Across EternityAcross Eternity by Aris Whittier

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Across Eternity is the story of Amber Lewis, a twenty-something waitress. One night she waits on Logan Richards, a wealthy, successful and smart thirty-seven year old man. Over the course of twenty-fours they fall madly in love. Logan seems familiar to Amber and he’s desperate to get her to remember why.

I think this book had a good plot outline for the most part, it just needed a lot more story and character development. There was too much telling me the story instead of showing me the story. I didn’t feel any chemistry between Logan and Amber and most of their dialogue seemed stilted and awkward. Consequently, I didn’t care that much how things ended up between them.

In reading other reviews on GoodReads and Amazon, it appears I’m in the minority in not liking this book so feel free to poke around on those sites and see what others are saying.

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  • Ondrej from Popular Books

    We just might found a minority club because I didn’t particularly liked Across Eternity either.