Book Review: Lover Awakened

Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #3)Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lover Awakened is the third book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I have previously reviewed Dark Lover and Lover Eternal. This review may contain spoilers for the first two books in the series so proceed with caution.

Lover Awakened is Zsadist’s story. Zsadist was kidnapped from his birth family as an infant and served as a blood slave for years until rescued by his twin brother Phury. He has never gotten over the abuse he suffered as a slave and lives a life full of anger and intimidation. When he rescues vampire Bella from the evil Lessening Society, she is drawn to his strength and intrigued by his angry aloofness. Will Bella be able to help Zsadist overcome his past and heal enough to love another being?

I loved Bella and Zsadist’s story. I appreciated the fact that it was actually fairly realistic (as far as smutty vampire novels go anyway) in portraying how the abuse Z suffered effects his interactions with everyone, especially women. And he wasn’t just magically healed after having sex with a woman who cared about him – it took time and patience on Bella’s part. I’m a sucker for a book where a seemingly impenetrable tough guy ends up showing his vulnerable side, formulaic as it may be.

I read the print version and listened to the audio of this book. The audio book is narrated by Jim Frangione, who narrated the first two books as well. He did a fine job once again.

Fans of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series will not be disappointed with Lover Awakened. I highly recommend it for fans of smutty vampire books everywhere.

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