2013 – The Year in Books

I’ve done this meme that I first saw on The Boston Bibliophile’s blog for a few years now. It’s a fun way to wrap up the year and remember all that I read throughout the year.

How many books read in 2013?
I only read 44 books, which was less than half my goal of 100 books. But I had a pretty good excuse for not reading more. My goal for 2014 is also 100.

How many fiction and non fiction?
I read 9 non-fiction and 35 non-fiction books in 2013. In 2012 year my percentage of non-fiction was 18 percent. In 2013 it was 20 percent. I’d like to see the percentage keep increasing in 2014.

Male/Female author ratio?
I read 31 female authors and 13 male authors. That’s 29 percent male authors – just 1 percent up from 2012. Still lovin’ the ladies!

Favorite book of 2012?
My favorite work of 2013 was Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. My favorite non-fiction book was How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish (to be reviewed soon). I only read one memoir in 2014  – Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman – so I can’t really say I had a favorite. I’m sure I’ll read more in 2014. I’m already reading one (about polygamy!)and the year just started.

Least favorite?
No one-star reviews in 2013! My least favorite two-star book was probably Minion by L.A. Banks. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that the second book in that series is much better so I may give it a try.

Any that you simply couldn’t finish and why?
There a few books that I haven’t finished yet but I plan to finish them at some point. They are books that aren’t compelling enough to keep me up at night reading them so I keep putting them down in favor of books that do.

Oldest book read?
The oldest book I read was How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk. It was originally released around 1982. The audiobook I listened to was a reissue. This year I’d like to read at least one book written before 1900. Since I was an accounting major in college I haven’t read a lot of classics that were required reading for most high school and college students.

The newest book I read was After I’m Gone by Laura Lippman. It’s scheduled to be published in February and I will post my review then.

Longest and shortest book titles?

The longest title is When “Spiritual But Not Religious” Is Not Enough: Seeing God in Surprising Places, Even the Church. The shortest title is probably S.E.C.R.E.T. (I’m reading the sequel to this book this year, so keep your eye out for that review!)

Any translated books?
No translated books this year.

Most read author of the year, and how many books by that author?
I didn’t read more than one book from any author in 2013.

Any re-reads?
No re-reads in 2013. I had hoped to re-read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire but it didn’t happen.

Favorite character of the year?
My favorite character was Park from Eleanor and Park. Such a sweetie – I wish he would have been my boyfriend  when I was in high school.

Which countries did you go to through the page in your year of reading?
I went to Israel, France, Sweden, China, Syria, and Heaven (sort of a country, right?)

Which book wouldn’t you have read without someone’s specific recommendation?
Eleanor and Park. I will be forever grateful to my friend Erica for recommending the book and thus introducing me to Rainbow Rowell. I hope to read Rainbow’s other books this year.

Which author was new to you in 2013 that you now want to read the entire works of?

Rainbow Rowell!

Which books are you annoyed you didn’t read?
My TBR list is too long – there aren’t any I can think of that I want to read more than any other.

Did you read any books you have always been meaning to read?
The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Heidi Durrow had been on my TBR shelf for quite a while. I’m glad I finally read it; it was really good.

How was your year?